HttpJSONStudio2 is a powerful design, development, and debugging software. HttpJSONStudio2 can complete all Http-based Web and Apps design, development and testing tasks. HttpJSONStudio2 uses a new solution to make HTTP design, development, and debugging which is more efficient than HttpJSONStudio. HttpJSONStudio2 is suitable for App programmers, Web programmers and testers.
For architects, use HttpJSONStudio2 to quickly design the Server framework and interface definitions. Then the HttpJsonStudio2 file are synchronized to UI programmers and Web programmers for code writing.
For Web programmers, open the HttpJSONStudio2 file to refine the documentation and develop the code. During development, http testing is performed directly with HttpJSONStudio2 without writing any test code.
For UI programmers, open the HttpJSONStudio2 file to quickly learn about the framework structure, interface details and result data for coding UI.

- Visual design Http.

- No need to write code to run dynamic parameters.

- Supports delayed and loop.

- Supports Http, Https, upload, download.

- Http dynamic parameters.

- Supports dynamic map and time.

- Real time Http respond.

- Real time running log.

- JSON, XML and Map data conversion.

- Dynamic drive parameters.

- Visual desing and edit JSON data.

- JSON file browser and editor.

- Visual desing and edit XML data.

- XML file browser and editor.

- The personality settings interface is more comfortable.

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